Integrated Full Service

from A to Z: we got it covered.

Lean back and relax: fleet4sale clients have nothing to worry about! Once you decide to release the vehicle from your fleet we will manage the entire remarketing process in the most efficient way: all steps are supported by our IT and direct interfaces to the relevant service providers ensuring no time lags along the process. As a result you will receive maximum returns in the fastest possible way!

And this is how it works:

The defleeting process starts by picking up the vehicles from your premises and delivering it to one of our monitored remarketing compounds, where it is stored safely until the new owner comes to pick it up.

Once registered at the compound, we make the vehicle ready for sale. This includes cleaning and if required and desired further refurbishment and smart repairs. In order to give potential buyers a very clear overview of what they are buying, we put a lot of emphasis on detailed appraisals and pictures of the vehicle, which are customized according to fleet4sale standards.

They also give clear indication about damages and are therefore an elementary for the subsequent fleet4sale pricing process. This takes place within the fleet4sale Pricing Committee: based on index values such as Schwacke or DAT, our market and sales experts fix a so called base price, which is influenced by individual factors (such as colour and extras of vehicle), market determining factors and personal experience. The base price is finally agreed and approved together with the client and determines the initial online sales price.

Before releasing the vehicle on the platform, all relevant data which is stored in electronic vehicle files is reviewed and optimised by our experts. The result is multilingual and customized vehicle information aimed at achieving highest returns in the sales process.

Key to our sales process is the price evolution which is set according to the clients objectives: focus on lowest possible stock days or highest price achievement. Throughout the sales process, every vehicle is constantly reviewed by our online managers and proactively pushed into the market by our telesales team. fleet4sale has a reach of up to 22.000 national and international dealers. This network is constantly reviewed and activated by our field sales team.

Our online sales platform is state-of-the-art: it allows the formation of vehicle packages and next to traditional online sales it enables auctions and tenders. Every vehicle will be steered into the sales channel, which promises maximal returns for each individual car. All sales activities are further supported by marketing campaigns.

Once the vehicle is sold, our client receives an automatic email confirmation and the dealer an invoice. After payments receipt in the collection process we directly transfer the purchase price to our client. In the next step we deliver the vehicle to the buyer and send off key and documentation.

Throughout the entire process, transparency towards our clients is key to us. The status of the vehicle can at any time be followed by our client via personal login on our platform and will be provided in detailed reports at the end of the process.

Overview of fleet4sale Service Portfolio:

  • Takeover and collection of vehicle
  • Deregistration of vehicle
  • Transport and logistics
  • Registration of vehicle at monitored fleet4sale compound
  • Cleaning of vehicle, demounting of number plates and accessories
  • Detailed appraisal
  • Pictures of vehicle according to fleet4sale standards
  • Extended optical refurbishment, removal of stickers
  • Decision basis for smart repair
  • Compilation of electronic vehicle file incl. pictures according to fleet4sale standards
  • Documentation service
  • Pricing by fleet4sale pricing committee
  • fleet4sale sales process incl. all sales channel management with online- and telesupport
  • Invoicing to dealer
  • Collection procedure
  • Cash transfer to client
  • Administration of vehicle documentation
  • Vehicle disposition and delivery
  • Key management
  • Accounting file
  • Reporting

Technical performance of the online platform:

  • Electronic vehicle registration
  • Open and flexible online vehicle files with extensive data management options
  • State-of-the-art sales management options
  • Business intelligence system
  • State-of-the-art online sales platform with extensive functions for optimised dealer targeting
  • Cross-media networking options
  • B2B dealer platform exclusively designed for vehicle sales
  • Real-time transactions
  • Automatic document generations (e.g. purchase contract)
  • Tools for after-sales management (e.g. collections control, logistics)
  • Integrated marketing options
  • Multilingual
  • Highest Security Standards
  • High performance data management hardware

Base Offer

includes all services for a quick and successful vehicle sale including collection of vehicle from client premises, storage, cleaning, detailed appraisal, document service, Pricing, online sales process including all channel management functions, online- and telesupport, invoicing, collection procedure and cash transfer to the client.


includes all services from the base offer plus further services aimed at even higher sales returns. They include demounting of number plates, optical refurbishment of the vehicle and smart repair.


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